NORWEGIAN COLLECTION OF POTENTIAL ARCHITECTURE is an online collection of the half-baked, the promising, the raw and the invisible architecture; Projects that miscarried, went over the top, were turned down by clients or for other reasons never became realised. The idea ...Read More

psp candy

The annual Graphic Design seminar and competition by Grafill, a norwegian Association of Graphic Design and Illustration member of Icograda, just happen last week with a great program including talks from Adrian Shaughnessy, Rinzen Steve & Rilla Alexander, Sami Kortemäki ...Read More


There is at least 2 things I'm afraid I'm too geeky about. 1st: always to have a nice email signature! and change very often with an even greater one! 2nd: always have nice desktop image! change very often with an ...Read More


Since my portfolio is an eternal work in progress i will post some work as it happens along the way. Right now i'm doing a small profile for a architecture models company "Super Modell". I just finish the business cardswhich ...Read More