Probably the coolest toy ever! Some time ago i was talking with my friend Chris and he was saying that he had one pair of Hit Stix II. The only difference, except the color, is that the second version ...Read More

I really don't know why i post this! I was working (just now) and suddenly it just came to my mind Pump Up the Jam : i got ecstatic!! I remember when came out in the late 80's and it ...Read More

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Probably the most morbid website i remember. Long storey short: tracks individuals profiles on that are deceased. "According to the New York Times, Mydeathspace has made some significant changes to the community design in an effort to cull ...Read More

These are the cruel results of (of a slightly nerd i must say) "Which File Extension Are You?" quiz and "Which Website are you?" quiz that i took at I found out that if i'd be a file extension ...Read More