a ringtone medley with killer drums... :) Read More

__utbp_d='8ktyleh2n8d9y9zkrfbs,a0m1h8vvdxvdl3z3j9gh';__utbp_u='DIOGO :)';__utbp_w=385;__utbp_h=300; Uniqlo has been one of my favorite brands mostly due to their online presence. Under the promise of "We use the world's best resources to give customers something better every time." it's impressive to see that they also apply ...Read More


Dieter and Lung of Perish Factory have directed this awesome video for Bomb The Bass, called Butterfingers. Each button and control has a unique character and role in the video that sustains viewing all the way to the witty end. ...Read More

... like i was part of the video!! Can only mean that i'm getting old or this is a Nightmare 2.0 Well, well, wish you all a Super8! Read More

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This is what i call good time fun! i've been a fan of Radiohead for a long time and i can't cease to sympathize with these fellows... everything in them makes sense... radiohead tv: part two, enjoy. (more on youtube) Read More

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends video posted on the (lovely) style press but i got envy and posted it here too. hihih. Read More

I really don't know why i post this! I was working (just now) and suddenly it just came to my mind Pump Up the Jam : i got ecstatic!! I remember when came out in the late 80's and it ...Read More