ASCIImeo s a project by Peter Nitsch. It’s a video player which renders Vimeo videos in ASCII in different textmode’s. Read More

a ringtone medley with killer drums... :) Read More


Dieter and Lung of Perish Factory have directed this awesome video for Bomb The Bass, called Butterfingers. Each button and control has a unique character and role in the video that sustains viewing all the way to the witty end. ...Read More

Back in 2001 Craig Giffen created a website called Since the Human Clock website represented time with pictures, he figured he could predictably milk the idea with slower-moving units of time — calendar dates. Sadly however, the calendar remained ...Read More

google trends

Words fail! Read More

This is what i call good time fun! i've been a fan of Radiohead for a long time and i can't cease to sympathize with these fellows... everything in them makes sense... radiohead tv: part two, enjoy. (more on youtube) Read More


LICHTWERK is a public art project, transforming the recently redesigned IBM building in the heart of Vienna during the evening hours into a computer controlled light sculpture. Read More

I grab this movie yesterday from the video shop because the title was echoing in my head for awhile and i wasn't sure if i had seen it or not. As i start the dvd i'm surprised by a great ...Read More

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends video posted on the (lovely) style press but i got envy and posted it here too. hihih. Read More

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