Portrait of a studio in 1000 images. by 2x4, New York.  it is what it is by 2x4 Inc. I must get this book since 2x4 has been one of my favorite studios since university and i feel that they had quite influence on ...Read More


Objectified is a documentary about industrial design; it’s about the manufactured objects we surround ourselves with, and the people who make them. On an average day, each of us uses hundreds of objects. (Don’t believe it? Start counting: alarm clock, light ...Read More

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google trends

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This is what i call good time fun! i've been a fan of Radiohead for a long time and i can't cease to sympathize with these fellows... everything in them makes sense... radiohead tv: part two, enjoy. (more on youtube) Read More


NORWEGIAN COLLECTION OF POTENTIAL ARCHITECTURE is an online collection of the half-baked, the promising, the raw and the invisible architecture; Projects that miscarried, went over the top, were turned down by clients or for other reasons never became realised. The idea ...Read More


I was reading one of my favorite blogs and i saw a post about the Ellen Luptons, Free Font Manifesto which i couldn't resist to post here as well. Unfortunately Reactor-Reactor Blog is mostly written in portuguese and understandably hard ...Read More

psp candy

The annual Graphic Design seminar and competition by Grafill, a norwegian Association of Graphic Design and Illustration member of Icograda, just happen last week with a great program including talks from Adrian Shaughnessy, Rinzen Steve & Rilla Alexander, Sami Kortemäki ...Read More


Cette publication ambitionne d’être un espace d’échange, de partage, de confrontation et offrir ainsi une approche plurielle du design graphique, à la fois visuelle et théorique. Elle veut parler du design graphique comme d’un champ de création et de recherche. Elle ...Read More

Barbara Hahn

Beautiful work from Barbara Hahn. Very small showcase but absolutely worth to check. Read More


NODE is a Berlin and Oslo based graphic design studio, founded in 2003 by Anders Hofgaard (NO) and Serge Rompza (DE). Vladimir Llovet Casademont (DE/ES) joined the collaboration 2006. All three studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. The ...Read More

rosemarie fiore

Brilliant work by Rosemarie Fiore. Here's one image from the firework drawing series (above). "These large works on paper are made by exploding and containing live fireworks, resulting in bursts of saturated color that are overlaped and collaged into abstract ...Read More

Probably the coolest toy ever! Some time ago i was talking with my friend Chris and he was saying that he had one pair of Hit Stix II. The only difference, except the color, is that the second version ...Read More

I really don't know why i post this! I was working (just now) and suddenly it just came to my mind Pump Up the Jam : i got ecstatic!! I remember when came out in the late 80's and it ...Read More

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