Coming Apart

US 1969, R+B: Milton Moses Ginsberg, D: Rip Torn, Sally Kirkland, Viveca Lindfors. 110min.

A few weeks ago i was talking with a friend about how much i had appreciated watching Mutual Appreciation and hwow fresh it felt to me. From the beautiful storytelling to the way the movie was shot and edited, etc. A few days later i was surprised by my friend with a copy of Coming Apart, a truly fascinating film from 1969, certainly way before it's time and unfortunately ignored.

It is a Milton Moses Ginsberg film where he explores in a dark eroticism a psychiatrist secretly filming his own mental breakdown. The entire film is shot into a mirror from a single camera in a one-room apartment. Psychoanalyst Joe Glazer, aka Glassman, rents a studio apartment in a towering, glass-walled skyscraper, away from his office and his pregnant wife, where he has a variety of sexual encounters with a series of women - all of which he films with a hidden camera. As the movie goes and the caracther tension grows, Joe becomes more and more into a voyeur of his own life, until finally encased in his own reflection, he ends up filming his own disintegration.

Although entirely scripted, this fierce, frank and explicit film seems improvised. The acting is so explosive it seems uncontrolled and the sex scenes have been described as real and pornographic. Truly ahead of its time, Coming Apart remains a visionary and transformative piece of independent American cinema.