There is at least 2 things I'm afraid I'm too geeky about. 1st: always to have a nice email signature! and change very often with an even greater one! 2nd: always have nice desktop image! change very often with an ...Read More


Since my portfolio is an eternal work in progress i will post some work as it happens along the way. Right now i'm doing a small profile for a architecture models company "Super Modell". I just finish the business cardswhich ...Read More

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toast automatica

This toast was awarded with tyhe 1st prize at the Ceramics For Breakfast competition. 5002 creative individuals and institutions from 93 countries have participated with some really good results. Designer's (George Watson) own words: When the toaster was first ...Read More


THE RADICAL ARCHITECTURE OF LITTLE MAGAZINES An explosion of architectural little magazines in the 1960s and 1970s instigated a radical transformation in architectural culture with the architecture of the magazines acting as the site of innovation and debate. Clip/Stamp/Fold: The Radical ...Read More


Probably the most morbid website i remember. Long storey short: tracks individuals profiles on that are deceased. "According to the New York Times, Mydeathspace has made some significant changes to the community design in an effort to cull ...Read More

These are the cruel results of (of a slightly nerd i must say) "Which File Extension Are You?" quiz and "Which Website are you?" quiz that i took at I found out that if i'd be a file extension ...Read More

coming apart

US 1969, R+B: Milton Moses Ginsberg, D: Rip Torn, Sally Kirkland, Viveca Lindfors. 110min. A few weeks ago i was talking with a friend about how much i had appreciated watching Mutual Appreciation and hwow fresh it felt to me. From ...Read More

Well, I never thought I would make it here today. I would make a great class president because I promise to put two new pop machines in the cafeteria, and I'm also gonna get a glitter Bonne Bell dispenser for ...Read More